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Cheeky Bit Of Bara - A Dusty Tale
People-watching was one of Dusty’s favourite past-times. Mainly because it’s amazing how many times the average person will say ‘oh I wish…’ on a daily basis. Each one provides a wonderful opportunity for a bit of mischief.
She chuckled at the memories of her last session. There was that guy she turned into a slutty bimbo for wishing he had a woman to play with, and the lady who became a sex doll from her wish to be more useful in the bedroom. Ah, good times, good times. Okay, so she’d had to turn them both back to normal later, but it had been fun while it lasted.
Today was going to be a bit different. Tales of a Kingdom that had completely banned magic had reached her ears. Of course, that meant she needed to pay it a visit. There were advantages to not having magic around, sure. People couldn’t abuse it, for one thing. Yet life would be super boring that way. Dusty was going to sneak into the castle and teach those prissy royals a thing or t
:iconlittledustermoth:LittleDustermoth 4 6
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Bondage Required - A Dusty Tale :iconlittledustermoth:LittleDustermoth 18 2
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Gankoomon and Daisy's Training Session :iconlittledustermoth:LittleDustermoth 3 2
Librarian's Halloween Fun
Some people are never too old to play around on Halloween night, but Anna was content to spend her time in the library. With her large round glasses and thick hair bundled up into a ponytail, she certainly looked the part of a stereotypical book nerd. It was actually something she was pretty proud of, as it suited her personality down to the ground. A library supervisor was supposed to look like this.
The library closed to the public in the evenings, so there were only a couple of staff members milling around. Having finished her own work, Anna was on the lookout for her junior, Elliott. Despite being the same age, he never seemed to have a problem working under her. His warm smile and intelligent eyes, which peered through his thick rectangular glasses, made him an extra pleasure to work with.
A purple light flickered from across the room, pulling Anna away from her thoughts. It was coming from the Occult section. She rolled her eyes, probably some kids up to Halloween tricks. She mar
:iconlittledustermoth:LittleDustermoth 17 8
Mature content
He Comes Gift Wrapped :iconlittledustermoth:LittleDustermoth 19 11
Bending to her Whims - A Dusty Tale
Genies’ wish granting abilities may be desirable, but making use of the little tricksters is normally more hassle than it’s worth. They’re well known for twisting people’s words for their own amusement. A wish to be rich may take you to a huge treasure hoard, at the bottom of the ocean. Or a desire for fame could lead to every household knowing your name, as you’re wanted for criminal activity in every country.
These days, most Genies will just pop up and mess with you a bit for saying a wish you didn’t really mean. The stigma of being creatures to be wary of, and even feared, has still stuck around, though. So setting up a show where a Genie grants the audience their wishes had always been a risky idea. Would people want to participate? What if they just yelled out wishes that the Genie was obligated to perform? Even worse, the Genie themselves could go rogue and start causing havoc with people’s desires.
The producer of Your Wish Is My Com
:iconlittledustermoth:LittleDustermoth 16 3
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Your Wish Is My Command - A Dusty Tale :iconlittledustermoth:LittleDustermoth 6 11
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Shrinking for a Witch :iconlittledustermoth:LittleDustermoth 15 2


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Artist | Professional | Literature
Hey, lovely people!
Am just a small freelance writer, called Dusty, who mayhaps has a little kinky side. I welcome you to my corner of the internet. (Just as a side note I don't accept requests, but am happy to write commissions.)



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Richard woke up to darkness. There was a familiar tight feeling from the material covering his eyes. He was wearing a blindfold.


“Yup yup?” she replied cheerfully.

“This makes the third time this week.”

“That it does.”

He sighed. Dusty kept popping over unannounced to test out ‘new ideas’.

He wondered if there was even any point in trying to move. There was probably some sort of clothing, handcuffs, bar, rope or any other manner of equipment already hindering his movement. But what the hell?

Experimentally, Richard moved his legs and arms up into the air.

Dusty giggled, “Practicing your crab dance?”

“I don’t know if I’m relieved or worried that I can move right now.” He reached up to pull off the blindfold, but was immediately stopped.

“Don’t remove the blindfold.”

Richard rolled his eyes. He couldn’t disobey Dusty, if he wanted to. His body just did whatever she asked of him, thanks to his stupid wish.

“So what, I just lie here?”

“Pfft, no. You just woke up before I was finished.” She thought for a second, “Actually, it’s easier this way.”

“Oh, well, you’re welcome, then.” He said dryly, “So what’s in store for me today?”

“In a hurry?”

“Yeah. To get it over and done with.”

Richard didn’t need his eye-sight to know Dusty was smirking. She loved teasing people, and he just happened to be her favourite victim. The worrying thing was that he was starting to get used to it, to the point where he actually kind of enjoyed it. Sometimes.

 “It’s not like I’m having fun in this situation either.”


“It’s true!” She pouted, “I’ve got to sort all the paperwork and finances for the show.”


“And I refuse suffer alone, so I’ve decided to rope you in.”

“There it is.”

“So.” She clapped her hands, “Come kneel by this desk, back straight, arms out in-front, head tipped back.”

Begrudgingly, Richard felt his legs drag themselves out of bed and make their way over to where his desk was. Then the rest of his body settled into Dusty’s desired pose. It wasn’t exactly comfortable.

“Nice, but I’m not a big fan of the PJs. So let’s have you a little more presentable.” Dusty snapped her fingers and Richard’s clothes changed to an open-buttoned shirt and leather trousers. “Mmm, yes. Nothing like a bit of eye-candy to help motivate you in the office. But I feel like something is still missing.” She circled around him then clapped her hands, “I know,” she bent down to whisper into his ear, “I need you bound and gagged.”

There was another finger-click and Richard immediately felt his body become restrained. Instead of having to hold up his arms on his own, some kind of frame was locking them in place. It must be part of a full structure because it ran around to his back, with some kind of metal bars and cuffs being attached to his wrists, ankles, and thighs. There was also a neck-restraint keeping his head tipped back at an angle, and something was weighted both sides of his tongue, forcing it to stay outside of his mouth.

“Ooo I love it.” The floor shook a little as Dusty bounced up and down in excitement, “I’ve wanted to see what a tongue clamp would look like on you for ages.” He felt Dusty take hold of his tongue between two of her fingers, “Work this hard for me today, okay?” then she shook his tongue up and down, as if she was shaking the hand of a business partner.

If Richard could have swallowed from nerves, he would have. But he’d just have to make do with the feeling of saliva dripping over his tongue and pooling onto the floor.

“Mmm I feel super motivated now.” Dusty continued, as she let go of his tongue, “Let’s do his.”

Then a weight pressed down onto Richards face. His features stretched and squashed to accommodate the sudden pressure. The weight wriggled around for a few seconds, firmly pressing his nose and tongue into the crevasse within its squishy surface. It was hard to breathe. And in a matter of moments his nose was completely stuffed full of a distinctly sweaty, warm, smell.

“Urthhhh ehhh ov eeee!”

“You don’t make too bad a chair you know, Richard.” Dusty mused as she made herself comfortable.  “Now, you be a good boy and use that tongue to make this paperwork more pleasurable for me. If you’re lucky I might even be finished by the end of the day; then I can play with you properly, okay?”


Blindfolded Chair
Been ill for over a week so spent some time with my characters, Dusty and Richard, to help me feel better. That girl does not get bored of finding new ways to play with him.

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Ever since she’d discovered her partner’s submissive side, Isabelle had really gotten into the bdsm lifestyle. Who knew it could be so liberating? It didn’t matter if James was told to keep vibrators inside of himself during work, or be on all fours like a dog for a weekend. He completely lapped up anything she asked of him.

As an extra bonus, the house had never been cleaner. No more coming home late to cans of beer on the floor, or oozing rubbish bags. James was a good little toy now. Oops. Boyfriend, Isabelle reminded herself with a smile. Although, now he had become her personal plaything ‘toy’ might be the right definition after all.

Isabelle chuckled to herself while settling into her new favourite chair. It had this wonderful vibration function that did wonders for the lower back. She was just closing her eyes, when the doorbell rang.

“Urgh.” She looked across at James, who was with her in the living room, “You invite someone over?”

There was a disinterested grunt in reply that caused Isabelle to roll her eyes. “No, don’t get up. I’ll get it.”

After reaching the front-door, Isabelle peered through the peephole to see who dared interrupt her relaxation time.

It was Liam. James’ long-time best friend. He was also the one to tip Isabelle off on her boyfriend’s hobby. As much as she wanted to be alone right now, she was grateful to Liam for introducing her to this new world. Besides, with his knowledge, he might actually be useful.

She threw open the door with a smile, opening her arms ready for his hug.

“Liam! What brings you here?”

“Hey Belle, James around?” He automatically made his way to the living-room.

“You know where to find him. Coffee?”

“Yeah, cheers, thanks.” He waved a hand as he disappeared around the corner to hang-out with his mate.

Liam blinked a few times. Being a regular guest meant that he immediately noticed changes to the living-room. Everything had been moved around to allow for a new piece of furniture to be placed in-front of the TV. It practically screamed ‘bondage chair’, thanks to the shiny latex material and plump black cushions.

The corners of Liam’s lips twitched upwards, “Loving the new chair, Belle.” He called back to the kitchen.

“Oh thanks. It gives a really good massage. Test it out, if you want.”

As Liam approached the chair to give it a closer inspection, the reason for the angled cushions became strikingly clear. His friend, James, was inside the chair. Or perhaps more accurately, James was the chair.

He was currently lying on his back on top of the large base cushion. While his slightly raised arms created the arm rests, his bent legs – with a large cushion forced in-between to keep them open – made up the back-rest. James and the cushions were melded together via a latex covering. It must be impossible for James to even wiggle, he was so tightly moulded to the chair.

In fact, the only areas Liam could even see any skin was from a couple of holes around James’ nose and mouth. And the latter had been filled with a plug-gag – presumably so that it could be used when required and then plugged up so as not to drool all over the chair.

It was an impressive set-up.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Liam mumbled to himself as he swung one leg over, and snuggled back so that James’ face was forced in-between Liam’s legs, “She’s got you right where she wants you, huh mate.”

The chair made a garbled noise through the gag, but it was impossible to make out any words. Liam bit his lip. He’d forgotten how good it felt to do things like this.

A number of sliders by the side of the chair caught Liam’s attention. They were all part of different devices, attached to wires that buried themselves behind various seat cushions.

“Well, it would be rude not to.”

He pushed all the sliders to max.

The resulting noise from all the different vibrators was almost enough to mask James’ moans. Almost. And from the concentrated area of vibration on Liam’s lower back, it was clear that Isabelle had stuck most of the toys in the place that would give James a rather delicious torture.

Before Liam could get too comfortable, Isabelle reappeared with two mugs of coffee. She handed one to Liam without batting an eyelid at how her boyfriend’s voice was currently coming from between another man’s thighs.

“Sorry, you’ll have to hold it, my coffee table broke the other day.”

“Ah that’s grand, thanks. You still got it? I could try to fix it for you later.”

“Oh, would you? That’d be great.”

The mundane conversation felt wonderfully surreal. But it was impossible to ignore the different sounds coming from the chair. Liam tried to take a casual sip of his coffee, while reaching down with his free hand to unplug the gag. James’ voice became louder for the half second it took for the plug to be replaced by the growing bulge in Liam’s trousers.

“So you’re enjoying the chair then?” Isabelle smirked

“It’s…pretty impressive.” He tried to hide his frustration at being constantly distracted. Isabelle was starting to get in the way of his fun.

“Haha, great isn’t it. I did all the set-up myself. It was a bit of a faff actually, because…”

As Isabelle rattled on about how she’d made everything work, Liam found his mind drifting off. Other than how aroused this was making him, the vibration was actually super relating. Now that he thought about it, the idea of falling asleep while James’ was being forced into constant pleasure was kind of good. Isabelle was so busy wittering on that she probably won’t notice him sleep. Just for five minutes.

By the time Liam opened his eyes, he was no longer sitting on the chair. At first he thought he’d slipped off at some point, as that would explain why he was currently on the floor. Yet when he tried to get up from his position on all fours, he found that he couldn’t move. He blinked. There were shackles on his wrists and ankles that were all attached by thick metal bars, with an extra one running through the centre to stop him from crawling.

“What the hell?”

There was also a weight on his back. Trying to shift it off did nothing. The weight simply moved with the tiny amount of wiggle room that Liam had been allowed. Turning his neck slightly, he was able to see that a table top had been attached to his shoulders (and presumably his legs and chest) via thick straps. Looking down at as much of his body as he could see also revealed that he was also now wearing a black latex suit.

“Oh Liam, you’re awake.” Isabelle’s voice chimed from above him. “You don’t know how happy I was when you offered to fix my coffee table.”

“This isn’t what I meant, and you know it.” He growled.

“Don’t be such a wet blanket. James already told me you were a Switch. Besides,” She paused to smile, “it would be a shame to waste my hard work.”

“What are you talking about? Get me out of this.”

Isabelle knelt down so her face was in-line with Liam’s. “This table is extendable! Look look.”

She held up an extra small piece of table top. There were a number of straps and hooks that presumably fixed onto other parts of the apparatus Liam was fixed into. His eyes fixed on a long dildo gag that poked out from the bottom.

He opened his mouth to protest at the same time as Isabelle excitably exclaimed, “Let me show you how it works.” And the length of the gag was slipped into his gapping mouth. It was thick, rubbery, and long enough to hit the opening of his throat.

“Ooo ‘itch, ‘ake it oov.” He garbled, but Isabelle was too busy humming happily to herself while she strapped everything in place.

“What’s great is how it can be extended even further.”

A new piece of table was shoved in-front of Liam’s face, long enough for him to take in that instead of a mouth gag this one had a thick anal plug.

“’on’ oo air!” he moaned desperately. But he knew it was pointless. Isabelle was already moving around the back, to finish setting up her full-length table.

She didn’t give him any warning. His eyes rolled back, and long grunts escaped through the gag, as he felt the plug suddenly push inside of him.

“Hmm, maybe that slid in a bit easily,” he vaguely heard Isabelle mumble, “No matter, it can always be changed for a bigger one. Gotta keep my furniture in good working order, right.” She patted the top of the table. Then Liam’s eyes rolled back again as vibrations pulsed through his body. All he could do now was listen to his own moans.

Isabelle was finally able to sit back own on her chair. Making her new table had been pretty exhausting, but at least she finally had somewhere to put her coffee, and magazines.

She took the plug out of James’ mouth, lay back, slid the vibrations to max, and put her feet up on the table. It was time for a well-deserved rest.

Making Himself Useful

A short story with some of my past characters, who are experimenting with forniphilia bondage.
For more with these guys, check out my previous story of them -


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“What’s that?” the model peered through mascara-heavy lashes at the object in the photographer’s hands.

“A gag…” He shrugged casually, but didn’t look the woman in the eye.

“Haven’t you got enough pictures of those things by now?” She huffed, “This really isn’t what I signed up for.”

“Then maybe you should have read the ad description a little more carefully.” He met her eyes this time, “The payment is good, and you’re being treated professionally. What’s the problem?”

“I can’t present these types of images in my portfolio.” She scrunched up her nose while emphasising ‘these types’ as if the words themselves were distasteful.

The photographer narrowed his eyes for a fraction of a second, before turning his back on the model. She was left to stand awkwardly by herself, unsure of whether she had won the argument. He sat behind his nearby laptop, fiddling with the mouse before beckoning her over.

She strutted across the room to peer down at the screen, then stepped closer despite herself. It was a display of black and white images. All of them were of her wearing different mouth gags and had been taken over the last few hours.While at the time she had felt stupid and humiliated, these photos shone with passion and mystery. Had she really looked so attractive while wearing those toys?

The model took a side glance at the unworn gag in the photographer’s hand. What kind of expression would she be made to wear after he put it on her? Without realising it, her tongue ran over her lips from excitement.

She coughed to compose herself and marched back over to the studio set up - a wooden stool surrounded by black curtains and expensive lighting rigs, “Let’s just get on with it shall we?”

The photographer raised his eyebrows, “Of course, Miss” then muttered quietly to himself, “You’re nicer when you can’t speak, at least.” He approached the model, who was now sitting on the stool, and went around the back of her, “We’ll go right ahead and pop this one in then. Since you don’t want to waste any more time.”

As the model opened her mouth to argue, a large and awkward rubber shape was pushed against her lips. Two round balls snuggled against the inside of her cheeks, while a third filled the centre of her mouth. As the gag’s straps were secured tightly around the back of her head, she felt the gag push deeper into her mouth, and the front panel squash against her open lips.

The photographer came around to the front of her, moving careful fingers over the equipment, checking that it was in the correct position, “Fit ok? Comfortable?” he asked as he worked.

She nodded. “Ath om-or-amble ah ee an ee.”

He smiled in response, “Good.” He walked a few steps away to get his camera, then began taking snaps. Starting with distance shots that covered her whole body and required poses, and slowly coming in for more detail - so close that she was sure the camera would even capture how the gag caused her cheeks to bulge out slightly.

As the model slowly moved into different positions, tilting her neck, swishing her hair, and making use of her hands, she could help but repeatedly get distracted by the gag itself. Hanging from the front was a piece of tubing that ended with what looked like a small hand-pump. It was such a weird design choice. Why would someone want a long sphere dangling from their face?

The photographer lowered his camera, “Could you just put your hand on the pump?” Like that yeah. Now I just want you to squeeze it a couple of times. That’s great, keep going.”

It took a few pumps before it clicked in her mind what was going on. With each squeeze, the gag in her mouth was inflating with air. The soft round sphere’s in her cheeks had already expanded enough to make her face puff out significantly, while the piece in the centre was beginning to push against the opening of her throat.

Her eyes watered in surprise as the photographer’s camera flashed close to her face.

“Mmm, good expression.” He nodded, then reached out with his hand to gently squeeze her air-filled cheeks. “Pretty impressive amount you can hold in there, isn’t it?” He smiled, “Let’s introduce another piece of equipment to get some more interesting shots.”

The model starred after his retreating back with wide eyes, as he went to rummage around in a box where his different ‘toys’ were being kept. Her mouth was aching from constantly being stretched wide, a feeling that had gotten worse since the gag had increased in size. It was so big that even without the straps tying it to her face there was no way she’d be able to get it out of her mouth without help. Whether from the thought, or her mouth reaching its limit, saliva began to drip from her bottom lip. She felt so stupid. And yet there was somehow an excitement for this new ‘piece of equipment’.

The photographer returned with two pairs of handcuffs, and used them to attach both of her wrists to the legs of the stool. She was struck by the realisation that she was stuck there. Completely in his control. Even if she somehow waddled around with the stool, she couldn’t take the gag off without help.

She was so lost in these thoughts that she didn’t notice the Photographer’s hand on the pump until she felt the air straining inside of her mouth. She looked down to see his hand open and close a few more times. Apparently, he was going to keep going until reaching the point where her cheeks would burst with just one more squeeze.”

“Mmm, nice, nice. Really amazing what silencing a person will do to them, huh. Don’t look at the camera, now,  just focus on enjoying yourself.”

She tried to moan at him. To let him know that it was impossible to enjoy herself with her mouth expanded like this. How was someone supposed to look sexy when their cheeks were filled to breaking point with air and rubber? But no sound came out. The gag was doing its job. It had completely taken away her ability to speak.

Her inclination was to panic. But she already knew that she was stuck relying on the whims of this man until he had the results he was after. She could feel the camera’s eye on her bound wrists, her hair as it flowed past her neck, the side angle of her face, how the straps of the gag bit into her bulging cheeks, and the way her lips both squashed and pouted outwards from being forced to hold so much.

The camera would notice every embarrassing detail, including her facial expressions, that were going to reveal exactly how much she was enjoying it.

The Butterfly Gag's Model
Struggled with motivation recently, but forcing myself to sit down and write something resulted in this.

Butterfly gags don't get enough love.
Wow guys! Did a cheeky check of how many watches I had and saw that I'd got 100. That's amazing. Thank you so much, you're all wonderful. ^_^


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